Shamans Among Us - Book CoverSHAMANS AMONG US: Schizophrenia, Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Religion


by Joseph Polimeni

Schizophrenia is one of the most enigmatic human experiences. While it can cause terrible distress, it doesn't fit the mold of a classic medical disease. In Shamans Among Us, Joseph Polimeni shows that today's schizophrenia patients are no less than the modern manifestation of tribal shamans, people vital to the success of early human cultures. Shamans Among Us is the most detailed and comprehensive evolutionary theory yet assembled to explain a specific psychiatric diagnosis.

  • “...a thought-provoking essay... I strongly recommend it to all those who dare to think outside the box.”
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    Martin Brüne, MD
    Author of Textbook of Evolutionary Psychiatry: The Origins of Psychopathology

  • “...raises the interesting notion that present-day schizophrenics are descendants of latter-day shamans...”
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    David Koulack, PhD
    Author of To Catch a Dream: Explorations of Dreaming

  • “... casts a new light on matters which were previously confusing and even inexplicable.”
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    John Price, DM, MRCP, MRCPsych, DPM
    Co-author of Evolutionary Psychiatry: A New Beginning and Prophets, Cults and Madness